Single Review 11-17-2020

By Jess Chizuk ,The Ark Of Music

Earlier this year, we got our hands on single Every Thing Bless from Jamaica-born reggae artist Shuntai. With a plethora of music in his catalog carrying messages of faith, unity, and love, Shuntai has continued to create stand-out, uplifting reggae tracks over the course of his career, and his recent release are no exception to this pattern. Today we’re taking a look at a remix of a previously released single of his, titled Breaking Down The Walls.

Shuntai’s music always embraces the reggae genre wholeheartedly – the off-beat guitars and the punchy rhythms from the percussion are immediately recognizable. Breaking Down The Walls also incorporates a great variety of other instruments, including horns and an angelic choir of backing vocals, a great complement to Shuntai’s soulful leading voice.

As we’ve come to expect from his music, one of the highlights of this track is Shuntai’s message. This is a rallying cry of togetherness and harmony, urging peace and shunning prejudices. These inspiring lyrics carry great weight – but the high-level production on the track helps to elevate this message and strengthen it even further. We particularly like the first verse for driving home the concept that we are all very much the same:

“Jah will wipe away all our transgressions
Cleanse our soul of all its pollutions
Emancipate our minds from foolish mentalities
Wipe away all the illusions and confusions
Every man is just a man
Created by the same God”

We love Shuntai’s messages of positivity and unity. At a time where so many stand so divided, it’s music like this – well written and well produced music, we might add – that helps to bring people back together. For fans of authentic reggae with a genuine, wholesome message, Shuntai is unquestionably an artist to watch. Treat yourself to a listen through Breaking Down The Walls below.

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Album Review 12-2007

By Radio Indy

AdI Stand" by Shuntai (Reggae Artist from Orlando, Florida(FL))I Stand" by Shuntai shouts out to the Lord in the form of reggae. It is undoubtedly an expression of faith and the teachings of Christ. Aside from the powerful content, the music is top-notch. The sound is full and the arrangements are fresh and uplifting. Shuntai has a nice reggae voice and his delivery is soulful. Highlights include "Christian Soldiers Get Fired Up," which could probably be considered the "Anthem" of the album and features some cool vocal effects, a nice beat and airy guitar. "Sons and Daughters of America" delivers a powerful message and pleases your ears with an array of sounds."Fire Burning Deep Inside" wraps it up nicely with ultra happy organ lines. If you like Bob Marley or religious reggae, you'll enjoy this one.-William and the Reviewer Team