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World Food Fest at Cranes Roost

City of Altamonte Springs , 150 Cranes Roost Blvd., Altamonte Springs

Special Features: Live music Cultural performances Food from around the world Promotional vendors Photo opportunities 2020 Event Information
Date:3/28/2020 Time: 12 - 7 p.m. Cost: Admission is free. Food and drink “World Money” tickets are available onsite. Rules: No coolers, glass or pets are permitted.

ShunTai - Live Performances

Shuntai on Pandora

Interview by Ark Of Music

Below, you can read our interview with Shuntai.

Q: Excited to be talking with you, Shuntai! You’re from Jamaica – was it growing up in the birthplace of reggae that started your relationship with this style of music? 
A: Yes. 

Q: You’ve told us that you started performing at a very young age. What were your earliest performances like? 
A: It was more like just having some fun on stage and reacting to the audience, just a natural reaction. 

Q: Did music bring you to the US, or something else? 
A: No, I came to be with my Mother and siblings. 

Q: What is your writing and recording process like? 
A: I write down anything that could be a topic to talk about, then I may start humming the melody. Once I figure out what the message should be I’ll lay down some drum tracks for timing, build the bass line digitally to match the melody and then go from there. I normally practice the song for a while before I seriously lay down the vocals and add the rest of the instrumentation. 

Q: You’ve performed all over the country with many other artists over the last decade. Does any performance stand out above the rest for you? 
A: I wouldn’t say all over the country, it would not be true, it’s mostly in Florida since music is not my full-time avocation but the last performance in Nov of 2019 got me invited to other Festivals in 2020 that got canceled, it stands out more as it was the last one before COVID-19. 

Q: You mention that the aim of reggae music is to bring people together. Do you think you’ve been able to do that with your own music? 
A: Yes, I have connected with people all over creation. 

Q: What was your first instrument? Do you still have/play it? 
A: My first instrument is my voice and yes I still have it (Smile)but the guitar is what I learnt on first and prefers. 

Q: Perhaps in some unspecified amount of time, your musical career explodes in the best of ways. What does that look like for you? 
A: I wouldn’t say it explodes, it hasn’t yet but it will and the most important thing is that the message within the music will find its people. 

Q: You get to collaborate with anyone of your choosing. Who is it? 
A: I don’t really think about that ya know, I’ll collaborate with anyone with the same mission as me. 

Q: Your favorite album of all time? (Yup, you gotta choose one.) 
A: Bob Marley’s “Exodus” 

Q: Your favorite song of all time? (Again, only one!) 
A: One Love by Bob Marley 

Q: What would you like fans to know about you that they’re most likely unaware of? 
A: I am a philanthropist just doing the small things to benefit my fellow men. 

Q: Any shout-outs you wanna make? 
A: Rickman (Jamplified)Warren, George Franklin, Lyma Dunbar, Turkessa and Marjorie B. 

Q: Anything else you’d like to add? 
A: Always maximum respect to you, my Family, Friends and all the Fans out there.