I Stand


Reggae Gospel Music, A total expression of faith in the teachings of His Majesty Jesus Christ, dealing with love, life and oneness.

ShunTai: The Renaisance Man Hails from Jamaica. Adheres to the teachings of Jesus Christ. A Musician of the digital age. Producer,Song writer, lyricist, vocalist and teacher. A servant of His Majesty Jesus Christ The First.

He continues to build on the foundations already laid down by great men of the reggae banner before him, seeking to use music as the medium to deliver the message of love, peace and unity to all mankind regardless of race color or creed.

Shuntai follows the teachings of His Majesty Jesus Christ, The First. King of Kings and Lord of Lords, to Love the Lord our God with all our hearts,with all our souls and and with all our minds, and to love and respect our fellow men as we do ourselves.

Promotes the upliftment of the oppressed, the poor and the needy, promotes peace, not war, love and not hate.

Musical inspiration and aspirations is derived from the work and dedication of Bob Marley, keeping that vibe and mission alive is very important for the younger generation.

Shuntai has a passion for people and considers himself a soldier for Christ.

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