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Umoja -the Spirit of Unity

by Shuntai

Released 2012
Olpe Records/Jamplified Records
Released 2012
Olpe Records/Jamplified Records
Umoja: "The Spirit Of Unity" is the title of this album because:
Umoja (OO-MO-JAH) Unity stresses the importance of togetherness for the family and the community, which is reflected in the African saying, "I am We," or "I am because We are.
The Songs are all originals, built from the ground up based on what I am feeling at the time of creation, many Friends, Fans and Family members offered suggestions which were incorporated into the music. The music and lyrics centers around the spirit of Unity, love, oneness, community. We brought back a classic gospel mix as a reminder of what our elders used sing while they performed their chores.
Tracks number 3 and 5 are remixes from the original solo album "I Stand", remixed with brand new sounds and fresh female background harmonies.

Track listing and credits:
01 Umoja Now I Say Gods Children- (Recorded and mixed by Rickman "Jamplified"Warren)
02 Christian Soldiers Get Fired Up- (Mixed by Rickman "Jamplified"Warren)
03 Guide And Protect Dem Lord- (Mixed by Rickman "Jamplified"Warren)
04 Classic Gospel Mix -( Recorded and Mixed by ShunTai and George Franklin)
05 It’s All About Love- (Mixed by Rickman "Jamplified"Warren)
06 I Hear The Children's Cry -(Recorded and Mixed by ShunTai)

Album graphic Design by ShunTai
Songs written by ShunTai
Many thanks to George Franklin for his valuable insight on the project
We give all Honor glory and praise unto His Majesty Jesus Christ The First for his teachings regarding humanity, love, peace, brotherly and sisterly love as is depicted throughout the album’s journey, it is not my intent to preach religion to anyone but to draw attention to the teachings and philosophies of The Most High Jesus Christ The King of Kings, my teacher and confidant.
I hope the music and the messages will be a blessing unto you my listeners.
One love, One heart, One Destiny and one Father of creations.

Peace & Love