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Music Is My Destiny

by Shuntai

Released 2016
Olpe Records
Released 2016
Olpe Records
Music Is My Destiny:
It's Revelation time for The Renaissance man ShunTai, I will say this to all my Fans everywhere, listen carefully to the message in the melody and you will hear. the musical vibration is natural and it's positive ..
ShunTai is a Jamaiican Reggae Gospel Psalmist, singer, songwriter and Producer.
Christened Mark Tomlinson hails from Windsor, St. Elizabeth Jamaica, His mother Cynthia delivered him in August of 1961 a revolutionary period as Jamaica became an independent nation and Reggae Music began it’s transition from Ska.
Windsor was the like the Waterhouse of St. Elizabeth and the beat of Reggae music reverberated every week end, by the age of five ShunTai’s identity as a reggae music lover began to blossom.

At age six ShunTai relocated to Williams Field another town close by to live with his Grandparents, his grandfather had a record changer so the Beat of Reggae music was ever present in his life.

By age eight ShunTai knew Jesus Christ and began to learn of his teachings as is written in the New Testament and began attending St. Barnabas Anglican church where the knowledge, wisdom and understandings of Christian living was forever entrenched into his life; ShunTai is also influenced by the wisdom and teachings of the various Spiritual Elders of the nearby communities, and is very open to everyone’s religious identity.

In December of 2001 ShunTai attended a Reggae Gospel concert at Alpart in Jamaica and met legendary backup singer for Bob Marley, Judy Mowatt who performed that night and spoke for a few precious minutes thus began the influence towards the Reggae Gospel Music genre.
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