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Classic Gospel Mix

by Shuntai

Released 2012
Olpe Records
Released 2012
Olpe Records
This is a selection of Classic Gospel Choruses riding the famous Nibinghi Riddim, a digital replication of the African rhythm often used at Rastafarian village for chanting.
Shuntai- Classic Gospel Mix:
Growing up in Jamaica there are certain traditional gospel melodies that is song by the older generation as they go about their daily tasks, you hear them and sing them all most by default, these melodies are transferred from generation to generation, today I give you the Classic Gospel mix containing 3 popular melodies such as Fly Away Home To Zion, Christ So Real To Me and Closer than A Brother riding on top of another tradition African Rhythm called the Nibinghi Riddim, I hope it will cross generations and everyone will enjoy the smooth transition between choruses.

Many thanks to Grandma Adella and Mama Sarah for the guidance, George Franklin for the additional instrumentation and arrangements, Graphic design and encouraging the idea to pass this on to the world, may you all do the same, play it forward.
Lead Singer" ShunTai
Lyma Dunbar:Background Vocals and BGV arrangement.
George Franklin: Bass, Guitars, Piano, Brass, Strings and Organ Arangements
George Franklin: Cover Art design
ShunTai: Digital Niabinghi Riddim,
David Gonzalez: ShunTai Photo