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Breaking Down the Walls (Remix)

by Shuntai

Released 2013
Olpe Records
Released 2013
Olpe Records
ShunTai is a Jamaican Reggae Gospel Psalmist, Singer, Songwriter and Producer.

Christened Mark Tomlinson hails from St. Elizabeth Jamaica. His mother Cynthia delivered him on August of 1961. This was during a revolutionary period, as Jamaica became an independent nation and Reggae Music began its transition from Ska.

His birthplace of Windsor, St. Elizabeth was like the Waterhouse of Kingston when it comes to Reggae music, which reverberated every weekend. By the age of five ShunTai’s identity as a reggae music lover began to blossom.

At age six ShunTai relocated to Williams Field; a town close by, to live with his grandparents. His grandfather had a record changer (juke box?) so the beat of Reggae music was ever present in his life. By age eight, ShunTai knew Jesus Christ and began to learn of his teachings as is written in the New Testament. He began attending St. Barnabas Anglican church where the knowledge, wisdom and understandings of Christian living were forever entrenched in
This is a 3rd Gen remix with an explosive type of rhythm, a little bit uptempo for Reggae but then the younger generation will like it, the vocal is tuned to give that edgy digital effect the message is the same as the original but the Basslines will blow you away.